After the split of Juniper Moon at the end of 2005, Ivan (former drummer and founder of the band) and Eva (the keyboard player who performed with the band in their last few shows), started their new adventure under the name of Linda Guilala.
     In 2006 the band recorded its first self-produced demo, for which they had the help of Argentinian bass player Ignacio Espumado. (Daylight, Matilda). Some of their first songs were aired on “Flor de Pasion” (RNE, Radio3), a nationwide radio show directed by influential DJ Juan de Pablos. And they started being played on many radio shows dedicated to independent music, such as “Disco Grande” (Radio3), “Toxicosmos” (UPV-Scanner FM), “Plastico Elastico” (Onda Madrid) or “La Merienda” (Canal Extremadura Radio); the latter being directed by Agustín Fuentes, director of the ContemPOPranea festival, who chose them as band of the week in his show.
      Also outside Spain they have been played in many radio shows from such distant countries as Mexico, Italy, Germany or Sweden, among others, climbing to the position of artists-of-the-week on Radio Nowhere (UK) and even being part of the best of 2006 polls on this same radio station. Thanks to this first recording they’re also featured in many compilations in Mexico on the compilation “Granada vol.2” (Molécula Records) and also on the CD compilation that goes along with the comic book “Kid Houdini”, in the USA on the compilation “YAY 4 Cuteness” (Valiant Death Records), in Singapore on the compilation “Twee like me!” (Fruit Records), in Italy (My Honey Records), in Argentina on the Superclima label compilation or in Perú on the tribute to Christina Rosenvinge (Ya estás ya Records).
      One year later they finished their second demo, and after many mentions on a big number of blogs and e-zines, the band made their live debut in Madrid at an Elefant Records party in the venue Galileo Galilei, along with their labelmates CORAZÓN and DJ Polar.

     A few days after this came the good news that their demo had been chosen as the second best demo from 2006 by the RNE Radio 3 show “Disco Grande”, directed by DJ Julio Ruiz.
     They played at the party of the “Flor de Pasion” radio show in Siroco (Madrid), and at the Plastidepop Festival in Zaragoza. They were invited to play in Rome at a party in the Circolo degli Artisti, one of the most important venues in Italy.
    The indie records label Jabalina published their 5th volume in the collection called “Teoría y práctica melódica” which was dedicated to the Olympic games (Jabalina, 2008). They participated on this compilation among other bands like Pumuky, La estrella de David, Souvenir, Polar, Flow, Travolta or Apenino.

2009-2010 FIRST ALBUM (LP)
     After a time working on new and old songs they published “Bucles infinitos” (Elefant, 2009), an album which was recorded at their own studio, Kaiju Studios, in Vigo and was mixed and mastered by José María Rosillo at Audiomatic (Madrid). Twelve songs in which they combined shoegazers atmospheres with that maximum freshness in their tunes and twee passion with wishes for the most classic pop, the luminous techno-pop with that irremediable punk touch. Their influences go from My Bloody Valentine or Ride to the classicism of The Wedding Present or the elegance or melancholy of Pale Saints.
     Juan Marigorta was the director of their first video-clip for the song which opens the album “Nadie se dará cuenta”. 
     Later on, "Bucles Infinitos" was the band's second video-clip, directed in Australia by the multifaceted Christopher Kenworthy.
     “Bucles infinitos” is selected as album of the month on MySpace and the band is chosen as artist of the week by Radio Nowhere (UK) in the week of the 23rd of November.
     The band begins a tour of concerts in Spain to introduce "Bucles Infinitos". They been playing also at a few festivals such as Indietracks Festival in UK and Primavera Sound Festival at a Myspace party.

2011-2012 PARANORMAL (EP) 

     By the end of 2011 it is published “Paranormal Ep” (Elefant, 2011). The EP was released on purple-colored vinyl, recorded and mixed in their own studio in Vigo, Kaiju Studios, and mastered by Bill Racine in Los Angeles. It had four songs that follow the theme of the fantasy, horror and paranormal genres in general. Their music remains true to its punk style, pop spirit and fondness for noise and distortion.
     At that moment they had the help of the bass player Alba for the live shows, who also played the guitar in a few songs.
     In 2012 the band collaborated to the compilation “It's the taking part that counts” with an unedited song “Morir ahogada”. The album was dedicated to the London Olympic games and it was edited by Wiaiwya Records (UK).

2013-2015 XERISTAR (MINI-LP)
     After a time, in which they’ve been producing groups like Axolotes Mexicanos, When Nalda Became Punk and Los Bonsais among others in their Kaiju Studios (Vigo), they’ve also been accompanying Marco Maril as the live band for Apenino, in 2014 they published a new EP in 10” transparent vinyl: "Xeristar" (Elefant, 2014). Six new compositions, intense, electrifying, ranging from the furious to the narcotic, that sound like LOS PLANETAS, RIDE, CLINIC, MY BLOODY VALENTINE and the most spatial and ultrasonic SPIRITUALIZED. Reminiscences of The Charlottes and echoes of Lush, Pale Saints and even Beach House. Recorded with the support of Bruno Mosquera (The Blows, The Cobras) who helped them with the guitars.
     They took part of the "Ukulele Kit Project", an artistic project organized by Matilde Rodríguez of O Gato Cósmico. The project tries to introduce a visual artist to a music band and to a filmmaker, all of whom are Galician or have a relationship with Galician culture, in order to promote a ukulele. The idea consists of the visual artist decorating the ukulele, the music band recording a song with it, and then the filmmaker makes an audiovisual document of the whole process.
     That same year they participated on the "Homenaje a Family (Un Soplo en el Corazón de Elefant" (Elefant, 2014) making a cover of "Carlos baila". They also played at “Los Conciertos de Radio 3” for the Spanish television TVE2.
     In 2015 the band wrote the new theme song for the radio show Disco Grande [Radio3, RNE] directed by Julio Ruiz. The song is “Girando Otra Vez (Disco Grande)” ( Elefant, 2015). It has hypnotic spirals of spacey psychedelia, while continuously repeating the name of the renowned radio show, which has been on the air for more than 35 years.
     The tour of “Xeristar” let them play in numerous venues and festivals throughout the country, sharing line-up with The Primitives at an Elefant party and inviting them to play in two indiepop festivals in Germany (Berlin and Cologne).

2016-2017 SECOND ALBUM (LP) 

     They released “Psiconautica” (Elefant, 2016), their second album. It was recorded and mixed in their own studio Kaiju Studios (Vigo) and mastered by Xavier Alarcon in Minilabs Studios (Valldoreix- Sant Cugat del Valles). It includes the special collaboration of Marco Maril (Dar Ful Ful, Apenino) programming the bass sequence for the song “Abstinencia”.
     The album has twenty songs (more than half barely reach the minute mark) and there is barely a second of silence, not even between tracks. The saturation and atmosphere are key, but Eva’s vocals and melodies shine especially bright. “Psiconáutica” is an experience: sonic, emotional, and something else. An album that can be cataloged as a conceptual work about an amazing journey that goes deep into the chemical alterations that regulate our existence, our fears and traumas. Its emotional aspect stands out, as it identifies a series of overwhelming feelings, close to the teenage angst. But it goes one step further, pushed by lyrics that are obsessive, repetitive, sometimes even sick. Because psychedelia is exploration, and that is the “something else” on this album. Psychedelia, to the greatest extent. It is SPIRITUALIZED’s “Medication”; it’s SPACEMEN 3’s “Walkin’ With Jesus”; it’s LOS PLANETAS’ “Nuevas Sensaciones”; it’s the dark side of “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”.
     Music media like Waves For Masses (Italy), The Blog That Celebrates It Self (Brazil), Indie Rock Mag (France), Platten Vor Gericht (Germany), Sounds Better With Reverb (USA), DKFM (USA), Allmusic (USA), Louder Than War (UK) and Shoegazer live 9 (UK), to say nothing of the Spanish media like Discogrande, El Caleidoscopio Musical, Ultrasónica, Fantastic Plastic Mag, Mondo Sonoro Galicia and La Merienda, among many others, have named “Psiconáutica” as one of the best albums of 2016, some even setting it at number one. David Gedge (THE WEDDING PRESENT) himself named it as one of his favorites on the British webzine “Velvet Sheep”.
     Their songs have been playing on a great number of national and international radio shows, even being recommended by Steve Lamacq and by Gideon Coe in the BBC Radio 6 Music.
     In 2016 Mari (Visceral Eyes) joined the band to play the guitar for their live performances. With this new lineup they played for the second time at “Los Conciertos de Radio 3” for the Spanish television TVE2.
     Throughout the year they published several video-clips and digital singles (“Cosas nuevas”, “Accidente”, “Abstinencia” and “ La ultima vez”) that let them play at a great amount of different venues and festivals all over their own country: FIB 2017 (Benicàssim), Minifestival (La Capsa – Barcelona), Festival Contempopranea (Badajoz), Festival Noroeste Estrella Galicia (A Coruña), Festival Microsonidos (Sala Rem - Murcia), Renofest (Sala X - Sevilla), Fnac (A Coruña), Sala Siroco (Madrid), among many others…
     They had the opportunity to share line-up with The Wedding Present at one of the gigs of their Spanish tour. And they travel to Wales to play at the Wales Goes Pop Festival 2017 (The Gate - Cardiff) and they also visit Berlin again to play at the Shoegazer Berlin Festival 2017.
     On March 2017 they took part of the project "Who Covers Who Vol. 01" (Linda Guilala vs Apartamentos Acapulco) published by “The Blog That Celebrates Itself”. Linda Guilala recorded a cover of “Y si todo cambia”, a song of Apartamentos Acapulco, and these last ones recorded another cover of the Linda Guilala´s song “Cosas nuevas”. It is a project that was inspired by the series of 7" released by Clawfist Records label, there in the distant 90's, where, in each split, two bands were selected and one covered one song of the other and vice versa. With this concept, TBTCI started a series of monthly split, always with two bands of which they love.
     On September 2017 it was published the digital album “LINDA GUILALA reworked by APENINO” (Elefant, 2017). It’s a more conceptual project that Marco Maril went about obsessively like a personal challenge: reformulate “Psiconáutica”, the most recent album by his Galician friends. It gives us the most complete creative profile of Marco Maril that we’ve ever heard. Of course the noisy, psychedelic spirit of LINDA GUILALA has greatly inspired Apenino and helped both artists reaching an unprecedented result. This is the spirit of the “Reworked By Series” collection by Elefant Records.


     LINDA GUILALA take their latest step forward with a limited edition vinyl single called “Primavera Negra(Elefant, 2018). Leaving behind the hits from "Psiconautica", an album that brought them wide renown both nationally and internationally, this new release from the band continues embracing that disconcerting, uneasy wall of sound inherited from MY BLOODY VALENTINE, but here it becomes melancholic and dreamy, far from the urgency that prevailed on their last album.
      Primavera Negra, recorded again in Kaiju Studios in Vigo, produced by Eva M and mastered by Xavier Alarcón, draws attention to the personality of a group that is a master of sonic parameters, and who uses them to serve the turbulent emotions they deal with, that disillusionment that is so present in their lyrics is present on this single.
     In June they published "Mucho mejor" (Elefant Records, 2018), a digital single with ferocious guitars, catchy choruses, psychedelic ambiances, hallucinogenic lyrics and a slippery structure.
     They have been playing throughout the year at different venues and festivals: Backstage Rock Bar (Valladolid), Morticia (Ponferrada), Matadero (Madrid), Sala Radar(Vigo), Sala Maravillas (Madrid), Planta baja (Granada), Malagaze Fest (Malaga), Madrid es Ruido 2018 (Madrid) and many others.
     The same year, they travell back to UK to play a BBC Marc Riley Radio Session in Manchester and to play a few more shows at Rough Trade East (London), The Moon club (Cardiff) and at the Indietracks Festival (Derbyshire).

        Currently they continue playing live while they are working on new songs that will be published very soon.